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San Diego Medical Marijuana Prohibitionist Karen Hewitt, United States Attorney

In Prohibition Clan on November 7, 2009 at 10:00 pm

Dispite the federal governments “preemption memo”, US Attorney Hewitt is always seen flanking District Attorney Dumanis as well when the TV cameras are rolling and the DA’s lies are flowing. . .

Attorney Karen Hewitt is a Bush appointee who recently responded to the new federal guidelines by claiming she still does not have to prove a violation of state law before prosecuting someone under federal law.
I’m not sure why Attorney Hewitt cannot say the words “medical marijuana” together in one breath.  More federal training is needed here or more simply Truth in Trials!
Our “investigation” continues too. . .  Post relevent comments, news or opinions about the local US Attorney for the ongoing investigation of the Bonnie Dumanis’s medical marijuana prohibition clan.

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