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San Diego Medical Marijuana Prohibitionist William D. Gore, County Sheriff

In Prohibition Clan, SD Sheriffs on November 7, 2009 at 9:07 pm

The Sheriff is always seen flanking District Attorney Dumanis when the TV cameras are rolling and the DA’s lies are flowing. . .

However, in Sept. 2009 Sheriff Gore was quoted as saying “It’s very controversial. I wish instead of passing a medical marijuana law, which is being abused, they should have a debate on legalizing it…If a person has serious medical problems, cancer or glaucoma, that’s one thing. But not stress or sleep problems. In our investigation, we’re finding people using this are 18-30….Now the County is issuing medical marijuana cards, but the issue of dispensaries is still problematic. The law says they can’t make money. They can be a coop, or a nonprofit…Do we have a lot of resources dedicated to this? The answer is no.

I’m not sure what the sheriff is referring to, my “insurance office” was called and visited by undercover sheriff’s asking to purchase “WEED” one day after a ASA meeting were I gave out my office business card . . . I think Sheriff Gore is lying though the stars on his badge. . .

Our “investigation” continues too. . .  Post relevent comments, news or opinions about “The Sheriff” for the ongoing investigation of the Bonnie Dumanis’s medical marijuana prohibition clan.

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