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Introducing Bonnie D.A.’ Mantis

In District Attorney on November 11, 2009 at 4:20 am

Bonnie Dumanis is the San Diego County DA Bonnie D.A. Mantiswho consistently makes contradictory statements in order to confuse the local municipalities and the general public with regard to Prop 214, S.B. 420 and the California AG Guideline.

Bonnie D.A.’ Mantis caricatures were developed out of the need to illustrate the ‘fierce fight‘ being waged against medical marijuana patients, caregivers and providers by the San Diego County District Attorney.

Three artists were located and several offered visions of Bonnie D.A.’ Mantis.  Bonnie D.A. Mantis IIThe decision was made to use two of the submitted caricatures for the first episode, Bonnie D.A.’ Mantis is the Two Faced Terror’.

Other illustrations were offered, however have not been used.  Only one of the original artist is still around and ready to work.  The others have flaked out and will not be contributing to the cause any further.

If you, or someone you know is artistic and willing to produce some illustrations of Bonnie D.A.’ Mantis Episodes, please leave a comment on this page with contact info.



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