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San Diego Courts find Bonnie Dumanis “unstable”. . .

In District Attorney on December 1, 2009 at 10:53 am

From personally suicidal in the 1980’s to professionally suicidal today, San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has proven to be consistently unstable.

According to a report released by, Dumanis’ office is now actively boycotting one the most well respected judges in San Diego Superior Court, Judge John Einhorn and doing so without a “stable” explanation.

All this sounds real familiar to the San Diego County medical marijuana community… The medical marijuana community has known for a very long time that the local District Attorney was a bully and not playing with a full deck.

Episode I: The Two Faced Terror


Under Bonnie’s rule, San Diego County has been denied both Safe Access and Due Process of Law since District Attorney Dumanis took office.

Millions upon millions of tax dollars have been wasted on the DA’s “fierce fight” against medical marijuana in San Diego County. Now, obviously Judge Einhorn mistrusts the DA’s office because he knows the DA is unstable.

I think an order to solitary confinement and a competency hearing should be held for Bonnie Dumanis by the same judge and court ordered psychologist that was ordered in the Jovan Jackson case.
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  1. Well worded, she needs help. But first she needs a DIFFERENT JOB!

  2. If Bonnie is against Judge Einhorn, then you KNOW he is one of the good, decent, thinking judges who is not under her thumb. I nominate Judge Einhorn for District Attorney. anyone second?

  3. Good article! Keep it up!

  4. […] not again! San Diego County can not endure another term with the “rogue” and “unstable” County District Attorney, Bonnie […]

  5. I do believe that Bonnie could use a good evaluation for competency in the humanity department, as well. A complete evaluation, in a medical facility would be in order.

    Would she try and reperesnt herself against such charges? Is that a sign of good mental health?

  6. […] well shot cinéma vérité style documentary is yet another clear indication that Bonnie Dumanis is not stable and should not be a district attorney or be allowed to continue to operate under the guise of a […]

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