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Verdict is in, “Bonnie Dumanis violates Jovan Jackson’s civil rights”, court says. . .

In District Attorney on December 1, 2009 at 4:40 pm

December 1, 2009 marks a historical milestone for the San Diego County medical marijuana community.

After being locked in solitary confinement, sent to a court appointed psychiatrist and held for almost a month without bail just for attempting to exercise his constitutional right to defend himself in court from Bonnie’s ridiculous “fierce fight“, Jovan Jackson was ultimately acquitted of all charges relating to the operation of Answerdam Alternative Care Collective/Cooperative, a former San Diego medical marijuana “safe access” storefront.

The 12 member jury heard the best case Bonnie’s office had against storefront distribution of medical marijuana and the jury took no more than four (4) hours to acquit Jovan Jackson of all related charges.

The courtroom was packed for the reading of the verdict, however, not with the medical marijuana supporters that should have been there, but with the Bonnie’s prosecutors and Bonnie’s staff.

Several of the San Diego Americans for Safe Access Advisory Board attended the reading of the verdict as well as other patients awating trial for the same Operation Green Rx sham.  San Diego ASA and patients like Donna Lambert have stuck by Jovan’s side from the very beginning of the intimidation by Bonnie’s prohibition system and  they strongly encouraged his decision to go to trial.

As it has been known by Jovan, ASA and the voters of California for a long time…  Medical Marijuana is, in fact, legal to sell within a collective/cooperative storefront operation.

Stop Operation Green RxNow it’s finally and officially legal in San Diego County courtrooms too.
But, what about Jovan’s civil rights?
It’s my guess that “this ain’t over yet“!
Can someone say… “Civil Lawsuit?”  I know Jovan should…

Radio interview of Bonnie Dumanis after the jackson verdict where she finally tells the truth…

Here is a candid cellular video of Jovan giving an interview to San Diego Americans for Safe Access’s Eugene Davidovich immediately after the verdict.  Jovan would not speak with the local media until after he gave an interview to San Diego ASA due to the Bonnie Dumanis sided media coverage he received during the trial and the support San Diego ASA provided throughout his persecution.

Click here for additional videos from the courthouse after the verdict, provided by the San Diego ASA photophrapher, Bill West.

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  1. Thanks for the video, I tried to find others on the web but this was the only one I could find. I see media cameras in this video, but I did not see the video in the media…

    I guess they like Bonnie…

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  3. […] a radio interview following the vindication of Jovan Jackson last month of all medical marijuana related charges, the San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis […]

  4. […] both the first and second trial Jackson has not been charged, accused nor has there been any evidence brought forth […]

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