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Dumanis interviewed after Jackson verdict, “For Profit” MMJ sales now legal

In District Attorney on December 3, 2009 at 6:25 pm


On 12/03/09 Tom Fudge with KPBS released this radio interview with San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis after the Jovan Jackson verdict, in which Dumanis’ prosecutor lost the historic case miserably.  Dumanis finally admits to the public. . .

“I think what this case shows us is the legislature needs to act to clarify certain parts of the law.”

In less than 4 hours the jury of 12 + 1 alternate rendered prosecutor Chris Limpberg an earth shattering “blazing fast” landmark verdict of NOT GUILTY ON ALL MMJ RELATED CHARGES.

The jury added that “profit” had nothing to do with the verdict, the law is vague there too! (Sales for profit IS legal!)

Earth shattering for the prosecutor’s office that is.  The County DA has spent millions of tax payer dollars to “change a lawshe doesn’t agree with.  However until now Dumanis’ prosecutors have maintained her reasoning for keeping up the ridiculous “fierce fight” was that  “all sales of marijuana are illegal under the law“.

Now finally in the interview with Tom Fudge, Dumanis tells the truth about her “personal issue” with medical marijuana and that her “issues” have no legal backing and are only personal desires.

Dumanis voted NO on Prop 215 and lost, however because she holds the most powerful legal position in the county she is “imposing” her vote of NO on 215 by using public policy, which is clearly illegal according to the California Constitution.

The position of District Attorney has NO POWER to change state law only to enforce it.

The local DA’s method of changing the law is called “Abuse of Discretion” and “Abuse of Power” by a public elected official.  At this point, her recorded interview admission is public record and any further “targeting” of medical marijuana patients, caregivers, collectives or cooperatives should be grounds for intervention by the California Attorney General as well as the San Diego Civil Grand Jury and possibly the feds.

The San Diego Civil Grand Jury is watching Dumanis’ actions closely, going forward, the prosecutor’s office should absolutely halt all medical marijuana investigations and all pending court cases should be dropped publicly and without prejudice.

So say the jury in the People of California vs. Jackson and the law’s of the golden state of California.

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