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Tracking media coverage following the Jackson verdict

In District Attorney on December 4, 2009 at 8:21 am

Despite the historic verdict on December 01, 2009, the gross mistreatment of a US Navy war veteran and the loud message from the jury in the People v. Jackson, the media still supports Bonnie Dumanis, as of 12/03/09. . .

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  • KUSI 9/51 – Nothing posted on website
  1. The morning news segment interview with Bonnie Dumanis prompted Jackson’s lawyers to issue a DEMAND FOR RETRACTION due to a “false and misleading statement” by Bonnie Dumanis. (again)
  1. The Title: “Jury: Medical marijuana seller didn’t profit”  The jury specifically said after the verdict that “profit” had nothing to do with the verdict and that the law regarding profit is too vague for a jury to convict someone if the jury follows the rule of law that a defendant must be convicted only “beyond a reasonable doubt“.
  2. Misinformation and Non-Investigative Reporting: “Jackson’s case was the first to go to trial following a series of raids that shut down 14 medical marijuana stores in San Diego. The raids resulted in 31 arrests.”  This case was from an August 2008 arrest and had nothing to do with the 09/09/09 terror attacks.  Additionally, 14 locations were NOT shutdown.  Only 4 locations were ultimately “shutdown“, 10 have reopened, several locations reopened hours after being raided by Dumanis with SWAT style intimidation.  The locations reopened because they know they are operating legally. No charges have been filed against officers or employees of the non-profit corporation locations that were raided by local law enforcement. (The two federally raided locations have obvious major issues and can not reopen.)
  1. No original article from SDNN, just a borrowed post from City News Service… Where’s Eugene?
  1. Misinformation: “The jury deliberated about a day before reaching its verdict.”  The jury reached its landmark verdict in less than 4 hours.
  • San Diego

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  1. Much needed! Thank you!

  2. I’m looking for this case on the court’s website so I can read the actual verdict but am having trouble locating the case no. A little help, please?

    • You will not find much info about this case through normal channels. Not even the media is reporting this story correctly, and they have all the videos and court records.

      After the verdict was read and as the media was setting-up in the courthouse, several media “talking heads” where overheard greeting each other with the phrase “we lost”.

      Dumanis is keeping as much a lid on this as she can, even with the courthouse.

      I will be going to the courthouse this week to photocopy the verdict and the other hearing transcripts where the court violated Mr. Jackson’s civil rights. I will post them as soon as I can.

  3. Outstanding. I will look forward to it and in the meantime, will link your blog to mine if you don’t mind?

    If you could also grab a copy of the complaint and answer while you’re at it, that would go a long way in letting us see exactly what Dumanis charged Jovan Jackson with and his reply to her allegations.

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