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Build Your Relationship with City Hall – Schedule a Meeting Today

In Prohibition Clan on October 2, 2010 at 12:02 am

edited from: Americans for Safe Access

In this new time of political change, we all have an obligation to know our elected officials and to speak our minds to them.  Take this day to schedule a meeting with your local lawmakers.  It’s quick, easy, and an opportunity to introduce yourself, explain why you support medical cannabis, and to drop off ASA’s Sample Ordinance or Letter to California Cities.

– Find Your Officials: Visit The Prohibition Clan page to find out which five lawmakers represent you (one Mayor, and four City Council Members).
Make the Appointment:  Call City Hall or each elected official directly to set up appointments to speak with someone about local safe access to medical cannabis.  Tell the scheduler that you’re a local concerned citizen – and want to talk about this very important issue.  They may ask you to submit a written request for the meeting.  Get help for that here.
– Get Local Expert Help:  Send an email to or call 619-303-1918 to request assistance from local medical marijuana advocacy experts.   San Diego ASA is always willing to offer time and resources to achieving local safe access.
– Prepare:  Print a copy of ASA’s Sample Ordinance and Letter to California Cities.  Also visit Americans for Safe Access Resources for Organizers for outreach materials, media manuals and more.
– How the meeting will go:  Very simple.  Introduce yourself.  Talk about why you support medical cannabis.  Drop off ASA’s Sample Ordinance and Letter to California Cities.  You don’t need to be an expert on the topic.  Just be yourself. Have a conversation. Tell them why it works, or how you’ve seen it impact the lives of those you love.  Elected officials want to know how everyday people feel about issues, not always just the experts.
– Let Us Know:  Post your findings, comments, meetings and any other useful information on The Prohibition Clan page specific to your city.  Let other locals know your progress towards safe access locally. 
In this age of change we have a responsibility to take control over the decisions made by our elected officials.  It will get easier every time, you’ll be empowered to take part in your democracy, and it will be effective.

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