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D.A.’ Mantis vs. The Truth

This Dumanis vs. Truth section will compare the lies being fed to the public by Bonnie Dumanis with known facts.  Thanks to Dave RxMaass with CityBeat, San Diego now has a real investigative reporter working on the denial of safe access to medical marijuana, also known as Bonnie’s fierce fight.
Dave has reported on several issues relating to the “facts” behind the 09/09/09 terror raids on 14 provider locations in which ‘shock and awe’ S.W.A.T. style raids were paid for out of a deficit budget.
POST UPDATE 12/04/2009
Despite clear evidence to the contrary, to-date nearly all media outlets and bloggers are still misreporting the 09/09/09 San Diego terror attack raid story by reporting 14 locations were “shut-down”. 14 locations were NOT shut-down! Ultimately, four (4) locations have closed their “safe access” doors. Ten (10) locations are open today and providing quality meds to qualified patients, as allowed by law.
Many locations, such as San Diego Discount Caregivers opened their doors and began providing “safe access” within hours of the intimidation and bullying raid tactic imposed by the local DA’s ridiculous “fierce fight”.  Tracking the media
The San Diego CityBeat Newsarticles entitled “Huff, puff and bluff” and “Checking Bonnie’s facts” prove Mr. Maass is the only reporter to-date willing to challenge the fierce fight and the Bonnie Dumanis political news-wire spin.
Dave listened to Bonnie, researched what he was told by the simple pulling of public records and found lies and dubious investigation methods by Bonnie Dumanis and the ongoing Operation Green Rx.
(BONNIE D.A.’ MANTIS EPISODE: Scratch a Lie, Catch a Thief)
(BONNIE D.A.’ MANTIS EPISODE: The Dubious Investigator)
UPDATE 12/04/2009
The S.E.P.T.I.C. System is now tracking media coverage and exposing the bias.  You can help the effort by providing links to stories you find on the web here. . .…ackson-verdict/
We are currently organizing the construction and navigation of this important web page, in the meantime, post any known lies by Bonnie Dumanis on this page.  Try to provide a link reference to the lie if you can.
  1. As seen in the case of the People vs. Jackson, Dumanis lied about the legality of MMJ collective and cooperative storefronts. She says ALL sales of MMJ is illegal, however, 12 jurors disagreed in less than 4 hrs of deliberation.

    Despite the clear message from the jury, charges against several others are still pending and according to the DA’s office, “the dubious investigations will continue…”.

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