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Bonnie D.A.’ Mantis

Post your Bonnie D.A.’ Mantis episode ideas below or select one of the following episode ideas to read the idea and add your suggestions. . .


Bonnie D.A.’ Mantis . . .

  1. Here’s a episode for ya. “In Dumatis We Trust” with U.S. coins & bills with pic and group photos of clan praising the new currency. Refer to waisting of money in this resession…
    Your motivation could be the “Blind trust in Dumanis“.

    • ADDED EPISODE: In D.A.’ Mantis We Trust
      Thanks Kurt for your post to add this episode. It’s great! We’re working on the illustration now!

  2. Make a movie parady episode compairing bonnie to movies like..
    The Deadly Mantis
    Apocolips Now
    Mimic (
    Silence of the Lambs (Silence of the Sufferers)
    Preditor I and II

  3. Wow, this blog is great and long overdue! Nice work, thanks! Here’s an episode idea for you…

    EPISODE NAME: SD County Axis of Evil

    SCENE: Show drawings of Bonnie’s prohibition clan in one of their news conferences spreading the “Refer Madness” crap through the news.

    FRAMES: Have bunch frames showing reporters, microphones & cameras and scenes of people “shocked” at home watching it on T.V.(with eyes and mouth wide open) or something like that.

  4. How about Bonnie as a Octupus, each tentical has a prohibition clan member on it.

  5. […] The Future Episodes section allows readers to assist with in the development of future episodes of Bonnie D.A.’ Mantis. Reads can offer future episode ideas themselves or vote and comment on existing future episodes. […]

  6. […] is encouraged to get involved by commenting on articles and making episode suggestions on the Future Episodes of Bonnie D.A.’ […]

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