The SEPTIC System

The Prohibition Clan

19 Municipalities in San Diego County

Ambiguous = 1  |  Zoned Out = 1  |  Moratorium = 4  |  Banned = 5  |  de facto Ban = 8

19 Municipalities Denied Safe Access

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  1. […] DA has enlisted help from The Prohibition Clan to bolster efforts to deny safe access to medical marijuana in San Diego County. Until now, reports […]

  2. Due to the madness of how our Government is falling apart along with the states in this country, we the people are saying we are tired of having our contitution of our USA violated all due to bias opions of the laws put into place by the will of the people, not the county afficals or the blue and white but all citizens when it comes to the laws concerning the use of cannabis.
    They wear the uniforms to enforce the laws within our state and they are there to protect us but they only uphold the laws that they approve of and push the ones that they don’t under the rug.
    To all counties whom are banning and denying safe access to those whom benifit from the use of this plant called cannabis are not for the will of the people, and they for years have not worked with this issue, instead they put lip service out there and use all kinds of excuses on how to get around this issue .
    It is our constitutional right under the laws of our State to use this cannabis plant with the recomendation from our doctors, and the laws of this state. My question to them, is whom allowed you to go against the laws of this state? When the people whom are expected to uphold the laws, and if they don’t they pay the price, well who holds you accountable when you don’t uphold the laws voted in by the will of the people? I understand that your there to protect the citizens but how come all the financial and efforts are put into just going after the sick and dying citizens of our State? Instead of the most dangerous criminals? We have a ca MM Id card program that is there especially to clear the ones whom are ligit, but that is not demanatory, the recomendations are provided but that is not good enough. So now we have the Feds backing off of going after the sick and dying citizens, so my question to you is whay are you still sending your blue and white after the sick and dying citizens whom benifit from the use of cannabis under the laws of our STate? Yes we have laws, but the laws are there also to protect the people in the court of law.
    I say Allow Safe Access to your sick and dying citizens of your county and allow a few collective non profit store fronts to provide safe access to those whom are unable to grow for themselves to obtain their cannabis form a safe place instead of going to the street corner or what ever that can harm them..
    If we can take it off the street corner, out of the schools, out of the hands of the drug cartel than we can control it and the people whom have recomendation can become a private member of that collective . Why not make it work for the county as well, find a medium ground to work with the cannabis movement and the sick and dying citizens whom count on them to find a natural relief from their suffering. Why are you going against the will of your citizens? It is their right to live a life one day at a time until their calling and if they find releif using cannabis, let them… it is your duty to uphold the laws of this state, and if you can’t than i suggest the people vote someone else in that can. Thank you and have a great day,,, really..
    Its just this issue , that law enfocement and our county afficials need to uphold, otherwise your doing a great job.

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